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  1. Coach McCoy,

    My name is Brian Conley and I am the head coach at Lehigh University. I was trying to locate information for your head coach, so if you could either pass this message along to your athletes or head coach I would appreciate it. We are looking to recruit many athletes from your program and area and need your help. We are looking for Sophomore and Junior men and women, who would be interested in rowing in college for a division I program. I have been here for the last 2 years and during the time,we have gone from finishing in the bottom half of heats in all events at the Dad Vail Regatta to the varsity racing in the semi-finals and our freshmen winning a silver medal at the Dad Vails. We are looking for talented men and women to continue to build upon the successes of our current team and need your help.

    I do know that some programs forbid the sharing of contact information, so if that is the case could you send all of your athletes the link to our recruiting questionnaire, it would be equally helpful and instruct them to fill it out to the best of their ability and leave blank any info they do not have such as SAT scores if they haven’t taken them yet. The more information the better.


    I really appreciate any help you can give in identifying the future of our program. Best of luck with your season!


    Brian Conley

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