Computers Down At The Office

Recently we had some troubles with our computers at the office.  Our main receptionist was unable to access her Outlook email account.  Apparently what had happened was that a virus had infected the network through a hop-on download and ruined certain files, including the .pst file that stored the email for this server.

Upon further investigation it was found that we could repair the situation in-house by using a PST repair software toolkit.  We purchased Stellar Outlook PST Repair and ran the software as specified, and it was able to repair the damaged file and get back access to our important emails and attachments.  If you need to repair a pst then we suggest that program quite highly.

The point is, if you haven’t heard from us and you have sent us an email correspondence then we will get back to you as soon as we are all caught up.  It’s been a busy quarter here and we are trying to keep ahead of the game.  However this little hitch derailed our momentum a bit and caused us to have a few issues keeping up with the email responses.